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Body Care

Relaxing Body Massage (w/mask)

200 AED (250 AED)

We have a classic European massage which

Uses long, kneading strokes to promote total

Relaxation and improved blood circulation


Back Massage, Thai, Swedish, Sport Massage, Reflexology

Back Scrub / Body Scrub (w/mask)

75AED / 200 AED (250 AED)

Buff yourself free of dulling, dead surface

cells and leave your skin feeling smooth,

Polished and energized all day,

All these with our Dermalogica

with exfoliating body scrub.

It helps also to improve blood circulation.


Body Detoxification

250 AED

Fall in love with our Dermalogica

Body polishing treatment, feel

Warmth with our special body

Detoxifying masque. After

Invigorating shower, you

Will feel relaxed and energized,

Finished with a skin ultra rich body cream.