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Other Services


Used to lighten the complexion And unwanted hair



Neck, chest, & Back

Entire body

Microdermabrassion                                                                                        280 AED / session

It is incredibly effective non-abrasive

Resurfacing system which uses a  the

Spray of micronized crystal particles

To break a part dead cell layers, thereby reducing the appearance of age-spots, sun damage, enlarge pores and fine lines. Polishes the skin, remove hyper pigmentation, brighten up the skin, Improves the regeneration faster than the normal course of time.

( Can be added also with Normal facial

& Hydrolage mask ).

Eye treatment
120 AED / session

Preventive treatment care for all clients showing the first signs of ageing, small wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet.  You can protect the health and appearance of your eyes with our Dermalogica eye treatment products designed to be worn day & night for enhanced protection against environmental assaults.

Face Lift                                                                                                                                250 AED / session

It firms the skin, tones the muscles,

lifts eyebrow & eyelid area, redefines

the cheeks, reduces wrinkles on the

face and forehead and reduces small

wrinkles around the upper lip.

( It can be done also together and / or after facial)